Spaceship Part 48 – GTA 5 Guide

This Spaceship part is located in the forest in Paleto Bay. Look for a large tree log above a concrete waterway. The case is inside the concrete

GTA 5: All 50 Spaceship parts| Location’s| Full Guide 2021

gta 5

today I will be showing you all the spaceship parts to collect and the locations they will be in

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GTA V (PC) Walkthrough Part 63 / Spaceship Parts 46-49/50 [4K]

4:00 Part 46

5:30 Part 47

6:55 Part 48

8:40 Part 49

10:00 Property bought: The Hen House

13:00 Attempt for Part 50 (yet failed)

Grand Theft Auto V Spaceship Part 48 Mount Chiliad Inside the Barn at the Marijuana Farm