Ring of Favor – Dark Souls 3 Guide

The Ring of Favor is a Ring in Dark Souls

DARK SOULS 3 easy way to get the ring of favour

This was done on ng+
use the ladder to your advantage double tap circle to drop

Dark Souls 3 Ring of Favor | Кольцо благосклонности

Увеличивает максимальный запас здоровья на 3%, выносливости на 10% и максимальный переносимый вес на 5%
Локация: Иритилл Холодной долины

Dark Souls 3. Getting The Ring Of Favor Easy Way

How to get the Best ring, most would say in the game . The Ring Of Favour/Favor. The easy way or one way early or quicker to grab it from those nasty giant lightning dogs or overgrown lightning Rats/Dogs.
More for 1st time runners.