Dratini – Pokemon X and Y Guide

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Chaining Fish for Easy Shinies! – Shiny Hunting Guide – Pokemon X and Y

A full guide on obtaining Shiny Pokemon through consecutive fishing! This tutorial with guide you through every single step and if you follow them correctly, you’re box will be full of your favorite shinies, from Luvdisc to Gyarados to Dragonair! For all Pokemon fans. Pokemon online free no download will transport you back to the good old days.

Guide on how to Chain fish in Pokemon X and Y to find Shiny Pokemon



Every fish-able Pokemon + location + rod needed:
http://pdfcast.org/viewer4.swf?SwfFile=http://pdfcast.org/swf/fishing-chain-guide-v-1-1.swf &Scale=1.5


Special thanks to TheOneIntegral for the shiny Luvdisc footage!
Music: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkTreecko2

Pokemon X & Y where to catch Dratini pt. 2/3

Welp. Lets try that again.

Pokemon X And Y-Where To Find Dratini!

Tomorrow I Will Do Where To Find Heracross!
QOTD:What Is Your Favourite Mega Pokemon?
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