Forge Recipes and Materials – Dragon Quest XI Guide

Dragon Quest XI at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Dragon Quest XI How To Get The XENLON OUTFIT For Jade Guide

Dragon Quest 11 Guide showing how we can get the Xenlon Set (Xenlon Gown & Xenlon Hair Ring) for Jade, as well as the materials needed to forge them.

Dragon Quest XI – All Best Weapons Guide (Ingredients and Location)

Dragon Quest XI All best Weapons Guide in detail with location and Ingredients. You must have all 3 recipes (hero’s book of weapons) shown in this video to make the strongest weapon.

Timestamp for this video:
Introduction 00:00
#1. Hypernova Sword 02:10
#2. Dynamo Dagger 03:20
#3. Galaxarang (boomerang) 04:13
#4. Aurora Staff 05:03
#5. Split-Pot Poker (Spear) 05:53
#6. Uber Gringham Whip 07:01
#7. Xenlon Claws 07:56
#8. Galaxy Axe 08:50
#9. Brilliant Blade 09:43
#10. Sceptre of Time 10:05

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DRAGON QUEST 11 ultimate crafting guide

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